Instrumentation & Controls

A2S knows that defining workable control and instrumentation strategies for a wide range of process areas is an exacting aspect of system design.

Efficiency, safety and productivity are the hallmarks of a well planned strategy. Working in tandem with consultants and operations groups, we begin by defining all instrumentation and control strategies :
• how they will operate in normal and abnormal conditions
• requirements for manual, remote and fully automated controls
• how the system will handle operations in the event of failure
• how to ensure equipment and operator safety.

Once established, these first steps are supported with the development of associated P&ID drawings as well as a comprehensive Process Control Narrative.

Panels are then custom crafted for ease of use, durability and long life, under even the toughest of conditions. All functions are tested on site. Finally, we professionally install and test each panel to ensure optimum functionality, right from the start.

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